Based on the rich resources in chemistry, biology and medical science of Nankai University, the school integrates the strengths of chemistry, biology and medicine to establish a unique curriculum system combining all fields related to pharmaceutical sciences. In recent years research activities in College of Pharmacy have been broadened further by the addition of several faculty members with expertise in a variety of areas related to pharmacy and chemistry. The college has led many aspects of research in the fields of drug design, biological activity evaluation and delivery, probe development and disease mechanism study. Our disiclinary domain conduct research with both breadth and depth. Most are of a fundamental nature, many projects are also in close collaboration with industry, the community and the hospital. Our research focuses on making real-world improvements for patients through our expertise in pharmaceutical science and practice.

The college focuses on breakthroughs in key technologies from drug discovery to preclinical research, and continuously improves the capacity for independent innovation. There exists 18 research laboratories in College of Pharmacy, a Tianjin Key Laboratory of Molecular Medicine, an experimental teaching demonstration center in universities of Tianjin, a  pharmaceutical analysis and testing Center, a computer virtual screening platform and a medicinal botanical Garden. 

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