Wei Zhao

Dr. Wei Zhao, Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

Research Interests: Glycobiology, Medicinal Chemistry, Chemical Biology

Phone: 86-22-85358558

Email:  wzhao@nankai.edu.cn

Address: College of Pharmacy, Nankai University, China

Dr. Wei Zhao obtained his BS in Chemistry (1999) from Shandong University and his Ph.D. in Environmental Chemistry (2005) from the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences (RCEES), CAS, Beijing. After he held postdoctoral fellowships at the Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University with Prof. Yanmei Li in 2007, Dr. Zhao moved to the College of Pharmacy at Nankai University. As a visiting scholor, he worked at the Department of Biochemistry, The Ohio State University with Prof. Peng G. Wang in 2009, and the Center for Cancer Research at Frederick, National Cancer Institute in 2010. He is currently an associate professor in the College of Pharmacy at Nankai University. His research interests include glycoscience with an emphasis on carbohydrate chemistry, glycopharmaceutical science, carbohydrate-based vaccines, drugs and immunotherapy, as well as the structural and mechanism-based design and synthesis of inhibitors and ligands.


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Book Edition

Wei Zhao, Tiehai Li, Robert Woodward, Chengfeng Xia, Peng George Wang and Wanyi Guan. “Enzymatic Synthesis of Complex Carbohydrates”. Comprehensive Natural Products Chemistry II. Volume 6. Elsevier 2010, 5-54.

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