Cheng Yang

Dr. Cheng Yang, Professor,

Dean of College of Pharmacy, Nankai University,

Associate director of State key lab of Medicinal Chemistry.

Dr. Yang joined Nankai university as a faculty member in 2010. His research focus on Pharmacology and New drug discovery.  The diseases studied include Cancer, Fibrosis, Diabetes and viral infection.  His research starts from understanding molecular pathology of a disease, seeking a potential drug target, screening to find a potential drug lead and optimizing it to a drug candidate, studying the pharmacology of a potential drug candidate, ultimately finishing all necessary preclinical studies and filing for IND.  The initial drug leads in studies come from either high throughput screening or a component of natural products.  Two IND of new anticancer and antifibrosis drug candidate had been approved by cFDA and are in the preparation of clinical trials. The research pipeline still has several drug discovery projects, including a new anti-HIV, anti- EV71 and an anti-diabetes drug candidate.  In addition, five anticancer or antiviral drug leads are still in the early stage studies, some of which displayed very good potential drugability and efficacy, they may can potentially move forward into preclinical studies soon.  Dr. Yang has published over 50 scientific papers, 19 patent have been granted in recent years.

Before joining Nankai university as a faculty member, Dr. Yang has worked in Molecular Structure Corporation (USA) as Senior scientist and director of research and development for near 20 years.  He led an early lead generation team to look for a new drug hits and leads by structure based drug screening and design.


Washington State University

Ph.D in BioChemistry and Biophysics in 1997

Tsinghua University

MS in organic Chemistry in 1992

BS in Physical chemistry and analytical chemistry in 1988.

Selected Publications:

1. Guo Y., Wang W., Ji W., Deng M., Sun Y., Zhou H., Yang C., Deng F., Wang H., Hu Z., Lou Z., Rao Z,Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus nucleoprotein reveals endonuclease activity in bunyaviruses,Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America,2012.

2. Sun Y., Wang Y., Shan C., Chen C., Xu P., Song M., Zhou H.,Yang C., Xu W., Shi P.-Y., Zhang B., Lou Z,Enterovirus 71 VPg uridylation uses a two-molecular mechanism of 3D polymerase,Journal of Virology,2012.

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5. Dong D.-D., Xiao Y.-Y., Liu W., Zhou H.-G., Yang C.The research progress of Aurora-B kinase and its inhibitors,Yaoxue Xuebao,2013.

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10. Yuan Qin, Dong Zhao, Hong-gang Zhou, Xing-hui Wang, Wei-long Zhong, Shuang Chen, Wen-guang Gu, Wei Wang, Chun-hong Zhang, Yan-rong Liu, Hui-juan Liu, Qiang Zhang, Yuan-qiang Guo, Tao Sun, Cheng Yang.Apigenin inhibits NF-κB and snail signaling, EMT and metastasis in human hepatocellular carcinoma,2016,1994-2553.

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