Jianping Lin

Jianping Lin

College of Pharmacy, Nankai University, Tianjin, China

Emailjianpinglin@nankai.edu.cn Phone:  022-23506290   


2000.8 – 2005.8            Duke University, Durham, NC

Ph.D.                           in Theoretical Biophysics and Biochemistry

Advisor:                       Prof. David N. Beratan

1997.8– 2000.7            Beijing University, Beijing, China

M.S.                            in Polymer Chemistry

Advisor:                       Prof. Gaoyuan Wei

1992.8 – 1997.7           Beijing University, Beijing, China

B.S.                             in Chemistry  

Advisor:                       Prof. Gaoyuan Wei  

Working Experience

2009.12-            Professor, College of Pharmacy, Nankai University

2006.3- 2009.11 Research Fellow    City of Hope National medical Center

2005.9-2006.2    Research associate                    Duke University

Research Interests

Computer-aided drug design;

Simulations of bio-systems including GPCRs, DNA nanostructures, viral proteins; 

Computer-aided (redox) enzyme design                


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