College of Pharmacy currently has an enrollment of 562 undergraduate students, 565 postgraduate students and 88 PhD graduates since 2007. It attaches great importance to the cultivation of innovative talents in the curriculum system, offering three Master of Science undergraduate programs in medicinal chemistry, pharmacognosy, microbial and biochemical pharmacy, as well as one professional master's degree in pharmaceutical engineering ,two doctor’s degree in chemical biology and microbiology .

College of Pharmacy has a comprehensive professional talent cultivation system ranging from undergraduate to graduate and from full-time to continuing education. With a goal of building world-class pharmacy discipline, it adopts a system by provision of both general and elite education, emphasizing on training students with broad scientific knowledge, solid technical skill, strong innovation capability and excellent overall quality; for postgraduate training, it focuses on upbringing competitive ability, taking into account both basic and applied research directions, in order to demonstrate the strength of superiority and comprehensiveness.

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